Hurricane Hfm 1015 Cila Makinesi
Hurricane Hfm 1015 Cila Makinesi Ürün Açıklaması

The HFM1015 provides superb performance with a full 450mm brush range together with a 400mm PadLoc pad drive system. 

All HFM models incorporate our ATC (Automatic Torque Control) monitoring and balancing operational power input throughout the cleaning cycle.

The 450 ranges can be used with our optional wet solution tank for scrubbing duties, or the Dustrol vacuum accessory kit, allowing vacuuming and polishing simultaneously where applicable.

The Hurricane motor concept is designed to keep its “Cool” under continuous and arduous operation whilst its seamless power transmission to the floor is via our long life, oil filled, low load planetary gearbox.

The Hurricane range is available with a selection of kits, images may show optional items.

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400mm Carbotex Grinding Disc
400mm High Speed Spider Pad Drive
400mm Nuloc Pad Drive Board
400mm Sandotex Drive Disc
450mm Nyloscrub Shampoo Brush (Single)
450mm Polyscrub Brush (Single)
450mm Union Mix Polish Brush
450mm Wire Scarifying Brush
HFM / NPR Dustrol Kit (Blue)
HFM / NR Dustrol Control Brush Ring (Also Standard with Dustrol Kits)
HFM 10Kg Weight
HFM Standard 450mm Brush Deck (Blue)