Wv570 Sanayi Tipi Elektrik Süpürgesi
Wv570 Sanayi Tipi Elektrik Süpürgesi Ürün Açıklaması

When the need is for bigger but still portable commercial wet or drys, the 570 series sets entirely its own standard.

First you have the full Structofoam construction, in fact a Numatic first, unmatched worldwide. Structofoam is a material formulation embodying all the strength needed for bigger machines, yet without weight penalty. It is really rugged. It doesn’t dent, scratch or deteriorate and yet it is light in weight and resists all standard cleaning chemicals.

The power and performance are to the full TwinFlo’ standard with a choice of one or two-motored specifications and both incorporate the Nucable
plugged, replaceable cable system as standard.

The accessories provided are equally professional being 38mm (1 1/2”) as standard and allowing for full wet or dry operation. The tube sets are stainless steel and a pair of Multiflo’ 400mm (16”) floor nozzles are included both again manufactured in Structofoam.

Teknik Özellikler
MotorTwinfloAğırlık13.6 kg
Güç230V AC 50/60HzHava49 L / sn
Emiş2400 mmBoyut415x415x645mm
Motor Gücü1060 WKuru Kapasite
Islak Kapasite15 L
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2.4m Nuflex Threaded Hose (38mm)
220mm Stainless Steel Extension Tube (38mm)
3-piece Stainless Steel Tube Set (38mm)
305mm ABS Crevice Tool (38mm)
65mm Soft Dusting Brush with Tube Adaptor
Master Carton 10 x 10 NVM-3BH (604017)
Primary Permatex Filter for 356mm Machine
ProFlo 400mm Dry Brush Nozzle (38mm)
ProFlo 400mm Wet Nozzle (38mm)
Stainless Steel Extension Tube (38mm)
Bb8 Kiti Aksesuarları
Stainless Steel Extension Tube (38mm)
2.4m Nuflex Threaded Hose (38mm)
ProFlo 400mm Dry Brush Nozzle (38mm)
ProFlo 400mm Wet Nozzle (38mm)